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Sales Up at SPS Commerce Due to Growing Demand for Faster Supply Chains


 Logistics form an integral role in the retailer business. With more efficient and faster techniques and supplychains. More and more retailers are trying to make the best use of it like  SPS Commerce.With these faster supply chains, they can provide customer satisfaction and deliver their respective products as soon as they can.

SPS is the provider of supply chain techniques that are based on cloud and this company has shown a great deal of growth. Archie Black, the Chief Executive Officer of SPS Commerce Inc. gave a statement saying that it is because of this demand that SPS witnessed a 21.9 percent rise in their revenue as compared to previous years. The revenue generated is worth 200 million dollars.

SPS has been using the cloud platform to operate its supply chain. It has a very efficient technology for management that gives the opportunity to retailers to handle information of the product, connect and find customers, route the customers to the most appropriate destination of the store and operate on the bills online.

The company has been rapidly growing and has about 70,000 clients or more across the globe. This includes approximately 2,000 retailers or more and 10,000 consumer product suppliers. Almost all the major retailers of the world operating on large scale are collaborating with the technology provided by SPS. In a conference that took place yesterday, the CEO of SPS corroborated that they have about 1800 customers who pay a sum of 20000 dollars annually.

In addition to this, there is a Crowdz solution that aims to optimize the existing supply chain.

It provides a working model using cloud infrastructure that is more scalable. Its goal is to provide all its customers with solutions that are robust and ensures that the risks involved are as minimal as possible. It not only optimizes the supply chain, but also cuts down costs and is very cost efficient.

SPS statistics

SPS recorded the following statistics. The revenue of the company rose from 158.52 million dollars in the year 2015 to 193.30 million dollars in 2016, which is about 21.9 percent. The profit raised from 108.48 million dollars in 2015 to 128.95 million dollars in 2016, which is about 18.9 percent. And the net income of the company grew up from 4.64 million dollars in 2015 to 5.71 million dollars in 2016, which is about 23.1 percent.