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Pimp my Phone – Making Teleprospecting Fun Again

1894 Artesian
1894 Artesian Phone

Teleprospecting is tough business. Especially when you have to cold call. Rejection, aversion, excuses. It is difficult to convince consumers and businesses over the phone that you can provide a solution to their needs.

It is understandable if your teleprospecting team loses motivation over time. Going through a dry period erodes team moral and creates a negative spiral of deteriorating performance. But don’t bury your head in the sand just yet.

There is an easy and incredibly fun way to restore your team’s morale and make teleprospecting fun again: Pimp up your office’s phones. These stylish and fun phones will have your team competing again over who can move clients through the sales funnel the quickest.

For Fancy Ladies and Gentlemen

Pimp my Phone - Making Teleprospecting Fun Again
Blue Delft White Porcelain phone

This blue and white delft porcelain phone will make you feel like the posh lady/gentleman that you are. No matter how rude your customer, or aversive your client – you stand above it all, with a golden receiver in hand.

For Country-boys and -girls

Country Wood Phone OAK
Country Wood Phone OAK

This authentic reproduction of the classic wood country phone restores confidence in the calling process. With this sturdy telephone on your side, you can take on even the trickiest cold call.

For Retro Lovers

Retro-themed Country-style Wall-mount Phone
Retro-themed Country-style Wall-mount Phone

Do you suffer from nostalgia – back then when everything was better? The authentic reproduction of the early American heritage telephone will propel you right back to the good old times – and remind you that teleprospecting can be fun!

For Disco-Dancers

Neon Trimstyle
Neon Trimstyle Phone

Pimp your office with some flashing lights. This neon green trimstyle corded telephone lights up when the phone is on-hook and during incoming calls. Just make sure you pick up the phone in time and don’t miss calls because you’re enjoying solo office dance parties too much.

For Old-School Callers

1894 Artesian
1894 Artesian Phone

This classic telephone is not only decorative but sophisticated. With this old-school boy in your office no call will scare you. The brass handle lies heavy in your hand as you convince the world that your product and service are just what it needs.

Pimp your phone is an easy and effective strategy to motivate your teleprospecting team to perform at their best. Are these phones a little too crazy for your office? Check out our range of traditional telephones that will improve the quality of your business calls.