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Online Shopping and You


Why do consumers prefer shopping online as opposed to brick and mortar stores, is it the price, convenience or something else? According to recent stats, most shoppers cite convenience as a primary motivation for shopping online, as it is way easier to compare and select products in stores online as compared to offline stores. Only with a click of a button, all comparative factors are available which helps customers make informed decision. Informed decision is a direct product of a smart mind, and everyone wants to be “labeled” as having smart mind. So it is definitely connected to the instinctive human behavior and psychology which explains why people do what they do, or what is it that influences their action.

It would not be out of place to actually compare shopping to personality traits like Trust, Reliability and loyalty. Online shopping actually tests all these traits since you cannot actually see or feel the product you are buying which explains why Walmart’s yearly sales are still higher than Amazon’s sales for multiple years. When shopping in an offline store, likability of the product  is the only consideration, before making the purchase. However, it is not the same when shopping online, along with the selections  there are various trust aspects that cross your mind. But because shopping is so similar to the human traits, it pushes us to do something new, and trust. Using this as a core Idea, Amazon has been leading the pack among the hundreds  of other sites that are also doing phenomenally well. The charm of buying online is not only convenience and price but also our inherent personality that pushes us to trust and take the leap.

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