Crowdz is the B-Commerce Engine.™ Just as existing e-commerce engines have accelerated the sale of B2C products, Crowdz dramatically accelerates the sale of B2B offerings—ranging from reseller, dropship, and end-use finished products to supply-chain essentials like components and raw materials.

Crowdz achieves this goal by applying cutting-edge artificial-intelligence principles to B-Commerce operations, thus transforming antiquated legacy commerce systems into fully automated B-Commerce Networks. With Crowdz, brands, manufacturers, and other suppliers can quickly identify and engage the right customers with the right products at exactly the right time—accelerating buyer sourcing and purchasing, opening lucrative new market opportunities, and multiplying sales volume.

The result: the ponderous, largely manual $19 trillion business-commerce universe warps to digital lightspeed.

The Business Commerce Challenge - Crowdz can help

The B-Commerce Challenge
Inefficiencies in B2B commerce are costing companies throughout the world more than $4 trillion annually in unnecessary costs and lost sales. These economic losses are the result of three main factors:

  • 90% of business commerce still takes place in highly manual fashion—via paper catalogs, phone orders, fax, email, EDI, & sales reps—resulting in long order delays, inaccessible records, & lost sales.
  • The lack of a comprehensive, accurate B2B search & sourcing system makes it both difficult & time-consuming for potential buyers to find the right products from the right suppliers at the best price.
  • Because of these inefficiencies, B2B sellers often can’t get in front of business buyers at the point of decision—making credible, high-quality sellers essentially invisible to millions of sales opportunities.

Crowdz can accelerate your business through digitization

The Crowdz B-Commerce Engine
The Crowdz B-Commerce Engine automates product sales in hyper-productive ways previously absent in business commerce. With Crowdz’s patent-pending ASAP™ Customer Engagement System, businesses can identify & engage the right customers with the right products at exactly the right time. Here’s how:

  • Crowdz digitizes, ingests, & aggregates products from all top sellers via proprietary, A.I.-based indexing that protects brand identity while boosting product-discovery accuracy by up to 10X.
  • Crowdz automatically syndicates each seller’s products to all major selling points and platforms, thereby creating the widest-possible customer-attraction and engagement network.
  • Crowdz automates the product-discovery process through A.I. & machine-learning so that sellers are dynamically matched to the most likely buyers at the point of purchase decision.
  • Crowdz automatically propagates purchase levels across all points of sale, enabling real-time volume-based pricing adjustments that benefit buyers even while boosting product sales.

Over time, Crowdz’s B-Commerce Engine’s growing transaction capabilities & structured, predictive data analytics will lay the foundation for the world’s first self-executing A.I.-based B-Commerce Network.

The Crowdz Team
The Crowdz executive team has 80+ years’ combined experience in supply chain, retail, B2B commerce, and e-commerce, including 20 years’ experience leading supply-chain operations management for Cisco.

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