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Crowdz Takes the Win at Silicon Valley Forum Startup Pitch Night!


Crowdz captured the judges’ attention and their vote, at the Silicon Valley Forum Startup Pitch Night. Startups included Retail, Fashion, Chemical , and Greeting Card Software. Saving the Best for last, Crowdz, with their Smart Transaction Network, showed how solving some of the most pressing Supply Chain problems can be easily done.

About Crowdz

Crowdz was founded by 20 year Cisco supply chain veteran Payson Johnston. Payson has worked on recovering his company’s supply chains from disasters like the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami of 2011, and Thailand floods that wiped out critical suppliers and factories. He knew something needed to change as the supply chain had not been optimized in 20 plus years.


In order to understand risk in the supply chain, one needs to understand the risk at the supplier and manufacturer level. This is where the SMART Score was born. An extensive scoring of suppliers lets companies see and mitigate risk before they cause major disruptions. Scoring factors like financial stability, product reliability, on-time delivery and geopolitical issues, are just a few of the more than 100 data points that Crowdz looks at to identify risk. This 360 degree supplier score allows for companies to have complete visibility of their supply chain and see how their suppliers stack up to industry standards.

Months to Milliseconds 

When it comes to optimizing the supply chain, Crowdz takes what used to take months and turns it to milliseconds. From instant contracts across the blockchain that take laborious negotiations out of the process. Also removing the old-fashioned search of suppliers where you can see a list of scored and vetted suppliers. Crowdz also makes it quick and easy to switch or dual source  by monitoring reliability and capacity of the suppliers.

The judges liked what they saw and so will you, so give us a call or send us an email and let us show you how to take the risk out of your supply chain!


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Crowdz – “Artificial Intelligence for the Supply Chain”

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