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Crowdz Was Sizzling at Plug and Play’s Summer Summit!


Plug and Play ended 9 of their verticals with a bang this year and Crowdz was part of the excitement. Verticals that were represented were Fintech, Insuretech, Health & Wellness, New Materials & Packaging, Food & Beverage, Brand & Retail, Internet of Things, Mobility, and Travel. There were hundreds of startups and thousands in attendance for this year’s gathering.

Crowdz CEO, Payson Johnston, shared the Crowdz solution and explained how Crowdz was taking processes that currently take months in sourcing and turning that into milliseconds. Payson also mentioned that Crowdz is solving a problem that leads to over 4 Trillion in global inefficiencies. Companies today can only see 1 or 2 tiers down into their supply chain. This lack of visibility can lead to sudden disruption as there is no way to know what risk are lurking several tiers below. Crowdz can solve this problem by mapping out the financial relationships of sellers all the way down to the raw material level.

Crowdz is helping companies reduce risk by understanding how suppliers are performing across industry standards. Our patented Smart Score allows companies to get a 360-degree view of their suppliers, see risk and make appropriate decisions when sourcing. Although not the only indicators, cost, quality and reliability are very important factors to weigh when selecting a supplier.

The monitoring of Geopolitical risk are very important to understand if manufacturing or shipping has been disrupted due to political unrest, or other instabilities. Weather also can wreak havoc on a supply chain as factories and shipping routes can be closed for long periods of time. Crowdz real-time Geopolitical scoring can alert companies to potential disruptions.

Understanding capacity is also very important to ensure that suppliers and manufacturers can meet the requested inventory or production quotas and get the product shipped out to meet delivery deadlines.