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Crowdz Presents to the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.


Plug & Play Welcomes Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.

Crowdz CEO, Payson Johnston, was honored to share his company’s plan and vision with Kazakhstan Prime Minister, Bakhytzhan Sagintayev. The PM visited Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley during his US visit to learn more about the newest technologies being developed. The Prime Minister’s entourage made their way into Plug and Play surrounded by a very large security detail. Once everyone was seated the floor was opened to startups to pitch their solutions.

Payson was able to share how using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Crowdz is able to solve some of the most critical challenges that are facing supply chains today. One of those challenges is increasing or uncertain sourcing environments. Crowdz solves this by a patented scoring system called a Smart Score. This score calculates the risk with each supplier. Payson went further into detail regarding how the Smart Transaction Networks® API allows for the seamless integration into any system, by bolting on and bringing in critical market and channel data. And as the data grows, the analytics gets stronger and stronger

Other startups that were represented, ranged from high tech vision glasses, 3D pictures for e-commerce shops, to cyber security, and data encryption technologies. Some of the startups spoke to the Prime Minister in Russian, while English speakers required the PM to have a translator. All in all the meeting was very exciting and it was an honor to meet the Prime Minister and his staff.

Plug and Play did very nice job of hosting the Prime Minister and provided a meal for everyone that was present. Crowdz is very excited to be part of the Plug and Play ecosystem and would recommend this program to any startup who is looking to introduce their technology to the world stage. Plug and Play has the network and the resources to bring the big deals to you.