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Boxer vs Briefs, the million dollar question


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The question that has been asked for years, what kind of man are you? Do you wear boxers or briefs? The “baggy boxer”, or the “tighty- whities”. Let’s talk a little about the pros and cons of both the Boxers and the Briefs.


Appearance – The most common brief is the white pattern with elastic waistband. These are pretty standard and probably not the most colorful. No nice patterns or images for the majority of brands, unless you are a kid and then you have all your favorite cartoons and super heroes. The Boxers on the other hand have many different color schemes and patterns, in fact there are many lines of novelty boxers, as well as designer brands that offer a wide variety of colors and styles.Inbox__Found_69_matches_for_search_

Accessibility – This is a pretty important feature in a man’s world. The fly area of any undergarment is crucial, so ease of use is pretty important. With Briefs, however the fly is usually overlapping and difficult to manage. The fly area of the boxer is more open and is less restrictive than the Briefs.

Support – Boxers are loose and hang down which does not offer much support, sometimes they can bunch up under your clothes and even ride up. Briefs are very tight and offer better support.

Comfort – Sometime you have to trade comfort for support, but when it comes to leisurely lounging around it is acceptable to do so in Boxers, but briefs are frowned upon.

So as you can see there are pros and cons to both the Boxer and the Brief, for guys it can be a matter of preference, style, or comfort.

There are also the Boxer Briefs that offer the support of Briefs in a style of a boxer. This hybrid version is very stylish and trendy. You can check them out at the link below plus our other options, and grab a pack or two if you are still undecided!


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