Do You Know Your Suppliers ?

3. Public & Partner Sentiment

2. Quality & On-Time Delivery 

1. Financial Risk

Track delivery capability and quality levels based on public,  private, and partner data. 

4. Supply-Chain Stability

Identify suppliers that are having geopolitical and geosecurity issues that could delay, destroy, or disrupt. 

Tracking pricing changes, inventory fluctuation, and performance all through the chain. 

Observe what is trending with suppliers and their employees in the news and on Social Media, Industry Forums, and Blogs. 

6. Social Responsibility

5. CrowdBuy┬«  Engine Pricing Data

Ensure suppliers are shipping from OFAC compliant countries, evaluate labor practices, and explorekey sustainablity factors applicable to sourcing conditions. 

Vet your suppliers before you source and stay informed after sourcing decisions through alerts and Analytics